Friday, February 11, 2005


The streets filled
with people,
coming and going
minding their own business.
Stopping for a moment,
means running the risk
of getting trampled on.

Stalls selling chai
in little plastic cups.
Dogs in deep sleep
under the hoods of taxis
hiding from the scorching sun.
looking for passengers.

Each block has its own smell:
freshly made samosas,
mouth-watering sweets,
flowers, trash,
human waste,
sandalwood incense,
and of course,
freshly made chai.

A city filled
with millions of people
from the richest
to the poorest;
Homeless kids begging for money,
even younger ones playing
on the sidewalks.
What will become of them?
Who will look after them?

A blind man singing
in a crowded train,
from the deepest part
of his heart,
makes you want to
give him everything
you’ve got
but I let him pass me by.
to the next guy
who gives him a rupee.

Seeing the poverty,
one can fathom
why the rich,
want to hold onto
their wealth:
the fear, the insecurity,
of becoming like --
the others.
so close to home.
The glamour of Bollywood,
fancy restaurants,
designer stores
much more
It’s easier to look
the other way
than to find
a solution.

Yet, there are
the courageous ones
who find ways to help
that often go unrecognized.
Bit by bit
they’re making
a difference.
Food for the hungry,
services for the poor,
a kind word for the down-trodden.

This is Mumbai,
Gateway of India.
In all its glamour,
With all its trials
and tribulations.


Shveta Puri said...

wow, that was beautiful. I got all the images in my head, the smells in my nose, and the last few paragraphs i felt in my heart:)

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