Monday, February 14, 2005

Reaching Gandhi Ashram

Gandhi-ji's Home

Rows of smiling kids greeted us, as we first lay foot on the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad. It was all courtesy of Jayeshbhai, Anarben, Virenbhai -- the founders of "Manav Sadhna", which means 'service to humanity' -- who gave us a hearty welcome.

As we toured some of the projects, we also met with Tushar Gandhi (the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, pictured third from the right) who happenned to be visiting at the time. He's organizing a re-enactment of Dandi March, the 385 kilometer walk that Gandhi and his followers embarked on to protest the salt tax in 1930. Commemorating the 75th anniversary, Tushar Gandhi's ‘International Walk for Peace, Justice and Freedom’ will follow the same route from Gandhi Ashram to Dandi, from March 12th to April 7th.

The above picture is in front of the house where Gandhi-ji and Kasturba lived for many years.

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