Saturday, May 28, 2005

Meditation and Love

Vimala Thakar, whose thoughts are along the lines of Krishnamurti, concludes one of her books with two things that purify: silence (meditation) and love.

Like we peel the layers of an onion, true silence leads to an unraveling of the ego. And love always asks for the ego to surrender and thus the “I” melts away.

I never quite looked at it this way but it’s an interesting summary of spirituality.


sheetal said...

Dear Guri,
I trust the universe is taking care of the purest soul that I know. I remember having written down this awesome poem from one of Vimala Thakar's book. Hope it touches you too:

The sanctity of silence explodes the false,
To reveal the timeless beauty, ecstacy of causeless peace.

Free from illusion we soar in truth
Ascending on the still winds of love.

Your 'chai' brother,

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